French toast

French toast

French toast (Photo credit: keeeeegan)

It’s actually better to make French toast with stale bread than with fresh, because stale bread will absorb more of the custard mixture than fresh bread will. This is a great recipe for to use so you don’t throughout bread. You will need eggs, milk, sugar, left over bread, vanilla extract and butter.

For the serving of 8 French toast:

Pre-heat oven to 200°F

Beat 4 eggs thoroughly. Whisk in 2tsp of sugar, one cup of milk and ½ tsp of vanilla.

Pour the custard mixture into a shallow glass dish. An inch deep should be fine.

Heat your griddle to medium-low, and melt the butter on it.

Soak a couple of slices of bread (but only as many your griddle can accommodate at once) in the custard while you count to ten. Flip them over and repeat.

Carefully remove the soaked slices from the custard, letting the excess liquid drain into the dish, and transfer the bread to the griddle. Flip when the bottoms are golden brown. When the other sides are also golden brown, remove from the griddle.

Serve French toast right away, or transfer it to a dish in the oven to keep warm.


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